Top Full Stack Tools In 2024

Proven tools that I have used/currently using to get the job done.



  • Raycast
    Search everything, shortcuts, automation, calculator.
    • Quick links - open sites super fast.
    • Slack — quick search.
    • Window management - free window management.
    • Visual studio code - quick project opening.
  • Notion
    Knowledge base.
  • Obsidian
    Knowledge base 2. Self hosted.
  • Slack
  • Around
    Video calls, screen sharing. It works.


  • Mac Book Pro
    Fast, great battery, silent.
  • Ipad
    Stylus, extra screen (screen mirroring).
  • Bose QC 35
    Noise cancelling, great sound and battery, light.
  • Elgato Key Light
    Light, controlled via app.
  • Rode NTG
    Boom mic, it works. Can be mount on camera.
  • Lumix S5 ii
    6k video (landscape and shorts), good $ for value.

Media creation

  • Magic Tools
    Remove background, image generation etc.
  • Figma
    Industry standard for design.
  • Capcut
    Video editor, great UX.
  • Squoosh
    Image optimization, resize, compress.
  • Upscaly
    Upscale images, free, self hosted.
  • Unsplash
    Free images, high quality, inspiration.

Software creation

Technical stack

  • Typescript
    Types, slower to start, faster to maintain.
  • Nodejs
    Backend with same language as frontend.
  • React
    Good ecosystem, many developers on a market, tooling.
  • Svelte
    Fast, easy to learn, tooling. Still risky for big projects.
  • Nextjs
    Great tooling, SEO friendly, coupled with React.
  • Vercel
    Easy to deploy, free for small projects, handle SSL.
  • Postgresql
    Free, Pg vector support for AI integration.
  • Table Plus
    Great IDE for databases.
  • Flutter
    For mobile. Fast, elegant Dart language.
  • Firebase
    Good pair for flutter, simple auth, easy hosting.
  • Mongo
    Great for document based data. Popular.
  • Tailwind
    Really speed up development, integration.
  • Shadcn
    Speed up component development, keep you in control.
  • Framer Motion
    Great for animations, easy to use.
  • Github
    Great for PM, developing and CI with Vercel.
  • Docker
    Speed up development and deployment.
  • Vite
    A development environment. Fast.
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